How to Use the Safe

The safe is located inside the armoire:

  1. The code to the safe We’ve provided the safe code to you as part of your detailed arrival instructions. This is the same communication which also includes your personal keypad code to the condo.
  2. Type the code into the safe’s keypad followed by the # sign  Note: You must be able to hear a “Beep” sound as you press each digit. The orange light on the right-hand side will illuminate as you press each digit. If you do not hear a “beep” sound, or if the light does not illuminate when you press the keypad, then you did not press the keypad hard enough.
  3. After you type the code followed by the # sign, you will hear 2 “beeps” and the orange light will blink twice.
  4. Then, the green light on the left will light up.
  5. Turn the knob to the right to open the safe.
  6. To lock the safe, turn the knob to the left.